Oops...I Did a Little Bit of Shopping

I have been saving or at least I have been trying to save some money lately. Ian is going away to university for a year so money for shopping will be (almost) non-existent. However, I did pick up a couple of little bits and pieces over the summer months. 

 I never wear earrings but these two packs of studs from Penneys/Primark really excited me. I am not sure if it was the bargain or the selection I was getting but either way they had to be mine. From the first pack, I love the hands and the moustaches while from the second pack it was the butterflies and bows that caught my attention. 14 pairs of earrings for €5 - what a deal!!

This large cocktail ring is also from Penneys and I am pretty sure it was €3. I have not worn it yet because I bought it in a large. The way rings are packaged with that plastic tie means I sometimes end up buying rings that do not fit, as they are too big. I wear most of my rings on my middle finger of my right hand so when I buy a ring that is way too big, I have no other fingers it would fit. Ah well, at least I can wear it on hot days when my fingers transform into sausages!!

I LOVE this bracelet and the picture definitely does not do it justice. It is from Wallis and was around €11, it is on sale on the website at the moment but not in the shops. The bracelet is so versatile, as it is a silver chain with a gold plated bar so I can wear it with both silver and gold jewellery.

Nothing too exciting - just some colourful beads to wear on the beach with my bikini. Think they were €3 from Penneys. I must keep track of all of the prices in future - sorry.

I got this dress from Vero Moda and it was €25. I actually bought it from Littlewoods but it is from Vero Moda. I bought it in a medium. It is quite short but ideal for my holiday in Spain. It is in the style of a high waisted skirt with a tucked in tank top. It also has pockets, which I really love in a dress. The print is made up of yellow, blue, pink and orange flowers. 

I finally treated myself to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I made a deal with myself that if I walked 7km a day 5 days per week for 5 weeks I would buy this palette. I did it for two if not three weeks but my right ankle started getting very sore and sometimes I could barely stand on it. I reduced my distance to 2-3km twice a day but unfortunately I only managed this three or four times a week. So technically I don't deserve this gift but I am a complete make up junkie so I needed my fix. 

Love the tin case and the sturdiness of it. The lip gloss feels lovely and minty on and the brush is rather good too.

Naked 2 palette on top and the Naked palette on the bottom.

These false eyelashes that I am wearing are from No. 7, bought in Boots. Again I am not sure how much I paid for them but I do know I used a €7.50 voucher and I get the feeling that I paid €2 or €3 on top of that. Have never worn lashes before except one night in Make-up College. I was really impressed with them. They were easy to use. I trimmed a tiny bit off of both strips and I used Duo adhesive. They stayed on all night and that was with me going to bed at 8am. 

Ian and I went to Kilkenny for a day trip last week. I had planned not to go into any shops as it was a cultural day out. However after lunch in a little cafe I remembered that there was a Monsoon just up the laneway and their sale on accessories is always worth visiting. My handsome husband bought me these beautiful, almost Indian inspired bracelets. They weren't in the sale but they were reasonable at €7.50. I'm predicting that they will look beautiful with the tan I am going to get in Spain.

This bag from Oasis was a complete impulse buy and not a cheap one - €50. I have been needing new Converse runners, as my present ones are falling apart but instead of buying something I actually need I bought this!! I do however really like it and the colour is lovely. It will go with everything. 

Just a comparison of size to a 30 tablet bottle of vitamins.

Lastly I treated myself to some Soap and Glory products. Boots were having a 3 for 2 offer so a girl has to do what a girl has to do. I go crazy for the smell of their body products. I don't own many but the ones I do I love. I get a student discount in Boots so these three only ended up costing me €17.42. I bought Sugar Crush, which is a beautiful blend of brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains. Even if you have no interest in purchasing it, please just go in and have a sniff. It is sweet and fruity and amazing - great at exfoliating too! This is definitely my favourite purchase. 

I also picked up Heel Genius which is a foot cream that should be applied before bed and covered with socks. When morning comes your feet will be super soft. I tried this last night but even though our weather here in Ireland isn't the best, it is still too warm for socks in bed. I had to take them off after 2 hours but my feet were slightly softer. I certainly will be trying this again next month and into the winter. The third product is currently in my suitcase, ready for the Costa del Sol tomorrow. It is the Glow Lotion. I tested it on my arm yesterday and only noticed a very slight shimmer. I'll try it out during the week and let you know what I think. I do really like the smell a lot. It reminds me of something from my past but I am not sure what/who yet. 

I can almost smell that delicious scrub as I look at the picture - YUMMY!!!

Let me know what your favourite Soap and Glory products are and what you would recommend for me to pick up the next time that great offer is on. 

With Love,

Gem xx



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