Challenge Yourself ........You Will Always Learn Something!

According to the Irish Calendar the first day of August makes the beginning of Autumn. So here in Ireland, we are facing into the Autumn/Winter season after having very little sunshine. This however has not dampened my spirit or erased my happiness. Autumn for me is a time to set interesting challenges and work towards new goals. I have been contemplating starting a blog since January of this year. I have toyed with ideas of what to write, what to include and what direction I would like it to take. I understand that my life is not based on a single topic or a specific interest so why would I limit my writing to one? My challenge is to just write and to photograph as often as I can, to put myself out there and not pretend that life is always peachy and rosy, although for the most part it is pretty damn fun. Welcome to my world!

With Love,
Gem xx


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