Treats from the Costa del Sol

I had such a wonderful time sunning myself in Spain last week. Ian and I relaxed, read, swam, sunbathed and ate for 7 fabulous days. We came home to torrential rain late Sunday night but we felt refreshed and ready to face the challenging year ahead of us. While on holiday we decided to visit one of the shopping centres to take a break from the heat. The moment I walked into the centre, I felt the surge of shopaholicism (don't think that is a word) rushing through my veins. I didn't want to buy too much, as my luggage was almost overweight on the way over from Ireland. I even avoided the top floor of the shopping centre because I felt I would not be able to stop buying things. That meant I didn't visit Zara, Mango, Pull & Bear and several other shops I knew I would love. Here are a few bits I picked up.....

Bought this scarf in Bershka for €12.99. I have been on the hunt for an animal print scarf for ages and I really liked this one. It's super long and is quite soft

 Sorry about the cheesy smile!!

I bought these pieces at a market in La Cala. They are for my friend Lou. The necklace is made of orange stones wrapped in silver wire. The earrings are a dirty metal and have indentations with flecks of orange paint in them. I hope she will like her present and they should look good with her fiery orange hair!!

Earrings without the flash.

With the flash.

I picked up this clear acrylic make up storage unit in Superskunk for the bargain price of €9. I just set it up this evening and I have put my moisturiser, primer, lipglosses and a few lipsticks in it. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that it makes a lot of noise when products are put in it. 

Silver bracelets were €4.99 from Bershka. They are heavy and well-made with nice designs on them. I haven't worn them yet but I reckon they will look great with the slight tan I got.

These boots I got in H & M in size 41. They are a lovely purple/burgundy colour and were so comfortable when I tried them on. They have a small platform and offer great ankle support. I was shocked at how reasonably priced they were - a steal at €29.99. I must wear them soon because I find that if I put off wearing clothes and shoes for ages, I end up never wearing them. Ian is taking me out for dinner on Sunday night so I might wear them then.

This bag I got in Blanco for €25.99. Of course I didn't need another new bag (I haven't used my new Oasis one yet) but I couldn't resist when I saw the stud detail. I love studs and sequins. It is a large tote and has gold studs on the handles and the bottom. The colour is pretty neutral too. I plan to wear it with black skinny jeans, a black/white t-shirt, flats and my new animal print scarf from Bershka.

When I got home I had a little bit of money left over, so I bought this fresh smelling Yankee Candle on sale for €16. I almost bought the black cherry one but to me it's a Winter scent perhaps because I had it last Winter.

Got this wooly beanie from Penneys for €3. I was going to buy the matching scarf for €7 but I haven't bought my Winter coat yet so I wasn't sure if it would go with it. The beanie, however, I can wear in the Autumn with a cosy cardigan/jumper and it will look cool. 

Red cardigan that will come in handy for Summer evenings and Fall/Winter. I think it was €8 and I bought it in Penneys.

I certainly did not need another eyeshadow. I saw the ad in Elle for this Estee Lauder Gelee Powder Eyeshadow. It was €24.50 from Debenhams (even though it is only €23 on their website). I haven't tried it yet but the colour looks amazing. I bought it in cyber lilac and can't wait to try it.

I have found myself really getting into lipglosses and lipsticks lately. I tend to buy the cheaper ones until I find the colour that I like or looks good on me. I got these two Essence ones in Penneys for €2.29 each. I love the darker shade but I am experimenting with the lighter one too and am coming round to it. 

I hope you enjoyed my few bits and pieces.
I just had to include this photo.....

Look at the sky!! Doesn't it look eerie? Ian took this picture before bed last night and I just wanted to show you because it was so impressive or at least I think so.

Thanks for reading.
With love,

Gem xx

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