A Quickie for Ian...

Although you have made me a college widow for the next 11 months, I must admit how proud I am of you. Having you leave for University in another county has touched my heart in several ways. It has broken it slightly because we are apart on weekdays. The sofa seems a lonely place without you and our bed seems so vast. That said, my heart is full of pride for the cheeky man I adore. You have taken such an enormous leap and have turned your back on the security of your life up until now. You have stepped out of your comfort zone and for that you get even more respect from me. You have made my heart skip a beat and surprised me. You threw me off my game and in a way I needed that. It is because of you and your decision that I have learned to appreciate you and our relationship even more. I love you and your constant surprises.

With Love,

Gem xx


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