Every Day Should Be Like a Holiday

Here are just a few pictures from our recent holiday in Spain. We spent a week in the stunning resort of Miraflores on the Mijas Costa. We didn't do much except relax, swim, read, eat and sip the occasional glass of wine/beer. In hindsight I wish we had visited a few attractions but I think we were both exhausted and just wanted to lay in the sun. Sorry that the post is photo heavy and not too exciting. We came back refreshed and happy (and probably a few pounds heavier!!). We had such an amazing time and are already planning our hols for next year. 

A quick pint of beer in the airport - starting as he means to go on....

Malaga Airport

We ate pretty much the same breakfast every morning but it was yummy and light and perfect for the hot, sunny weather.

I was not feeling too well on the first evening and got a migraine later that night, hence the "sorry for myself" look on my face. Thankfully it cleared the following day and I was back in holiday mode. Thank you Ian for going to the pharmacy and sorry that you had to dine alone : (

This is blurry because of how fast I was drinking my wine!!

Delicious salad in a DaVinci's Restaurant

We went to the beach one misty day but it was still roasting. It sort of looks like a war zone in this picture.

Apparently this picture does not do this drink justice. It is a local beer but the restaurant put the terracotta mug in the freezer first until it was icy (we think). Ian just couldn't stop talking about it.

A tiny lizard. That is it compared to my index finger!!!

Ian was very sad leaving, as was I .... : (

And back to gloomy Ireland for Chinese take away, layers and re-runs of The Walking Dead.

Thanks for reading.
With Love,

Gem xx


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  1. Oh my God that lizard is tiny, and so is that bottle of champagne!! (is that what it is??)


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