Hold on to your Seats....it's my First Review

So I thought to my myself, I should have a go of reviewing something that I have purchased. I'm not sure how interesting or helpful this will be but I'll try it anyway. 

Recently I was browsing among the bright lights and white coats of the Clinique counter in my local Debenhams, when I spotted the tiniest tube of mascara - Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara Long Wearing Formula in Black. I knew it had to be mine, just because of the sheer size of it. I handed over my €14 to the blonde, red-mouthed lady and skipped happily home with my new addition.

Ian was greeted at the door that evening with an "Aww, look isn't this precious?" from me while waving the silver tube in front of his face. "You haven't seen the cutest part" I said as I unscrewed the lid and presented him with the 9mm wand! Ah boys, they just don't get it. However, I can tell you that my girlfriends certainly appreciated it later that night, as they chorused another "Aww" while tilting their heads to one side. I knew someone would understand.

 (Clinique wand compared to regular wand - Presitge My Blackest Lashes

But has this purchase benefited me in any way, besides getting a reaction from people (some anyway)? Honestly, no not really. Perhaps it is just me but I didn't like how it looked on my bottom lashes. I do have quite sparse ones so that might be the reason. I would like to see it on someone else though. I found the mascara itself to be clumpy by the second use, which doesn't bode well for quality in my opinion. 

  (Without bottom lash mascara)

(With Clinque Bottom Lash Mascara)

That said, the mascara, however, is really good for coating the outer corner top lashes. Sometimes they catch in my bottom lashes so this wand is good for separating them. Also there are times when getting too close to the top lash line with regular mascara leads to getting the black stuff all over my lid. This minuscule wand comes in handy for coating the roots and even the tips of my lashes, creating a more defined curl. Personally I won't be re-purchasing this product but I will keep the wand to use with other brands.

Let me know if you have tried it and what your thoughts are on it. Perhaps I haven't mastered the product yet.

Thanks for reading.
With Love,

Gem xx  

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