I Promise, I will be Reviewing Products Other than Mascara (..in the future)

Behold - Max Factor 24hr False Lash Effect. I picked this up recently in my local Boots, when I was on the lookout for a new going-out mascara. I will admit I am a Max Factor virgin when it comes to their mascaras but I felt the timing was right - I was ready.

I was certainly attracted to the smooth, chubby, black packaging and it felt 'high-end' in my the palm of my hand. However the price tag did not impress me one bit - a whopping €15.99!! That said, the little voice in my head did whisper "Treat yourself. You deserve it. Your Lashes will look crap without it". So I stood, I looked and then I purchased. I was slightly overwhelmed at the large variety of their False Lash Effect mascaras there were. So in the end I chose this one. I am still not sure why but I'm guessing it is the beautiful fuchsia colour writing and strip. It certainly was not because of Max Factor's claim of 24hr wear. I can barely stay up after 10pm let alone all night!! 

I did find though that the mascara does not budge throughout the day so it seems to be waterproof and long wearing to me. I found it easy enough to remove later that night. Then again I do use an oil-based eye make-up remover. I have heard that without one, it is very difficult and requires a lot of rubbing of the eyes. So be prepared!

The brush is plastic, which enables each lash to be coated with the product. I think the result is false but natural looking, day time lashes. I would be very disappointed if I was on a night out and had bought this for a false lash effect. There are certainly better products on the market for voluminous, long, black lashes such as Benefit's Bad Gal Lash (still saving for their 'They're Real' mascara). 

(Only wearing one coat of mascara)

Overall I am pleased to have found this product for daytime and may even consider repurchasing it again. I have enjoyed my first time with Max Factor. It was memorable. I shall be testing more of their mascaras in the future. So look out for more reviews.

Thanks for reading.
With Love,

Gem xx

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