Tried but Not Tested...

This week my mother has a really full house. She has been constantly cooking, cleaning, doing the washing and is being left holding the baby or in this case babies. My sister is visiting her from France with her 2 little ones - Thom 2 years and Lucy 11 months. Also in tow is her friend and her 2 children - Mathieu 2 years and Adrian 8 weeks. So as you can imagine it is chaos until nap/bed-time. Mum also decided to undertake cooking a big, family banquet one night. So in true 'perfect' daughter fashion, I volunteered to make dessert. I made these banoffee puddings or banana and toffee puddings, from 'Domini at Home' by Domini Kemp. 

Unfortunately, I have embarked on a 2 week dairy free diet so I was not able to indulge in these little beauties. I will admit though I did have a little taste of the toffee and it was yummy! The puds went down a treat after dinner. I smiled to myself as I watched my brother eyeing up his girlfriend's portion, hoping that it would be passed his way owing to her fullness. Alas he was disappointed as it wasn't meant to be. At least I finally got some fruit into him!!

The toffee sauce was easy to make and consisted of demerara sugar, butter, golden syrup and cream. This was used in layers within the puddings and the leftover sauce was there to drown each pudding in deliciousness.

The sponge for the puddings were made using plain flour, eggs, demerara sugar, butter (I used margarine because I forgot to buy butter - twice!), baking powder and over ripe bananas.

The puddings were assembled in several layers - toffee sauce then sponge mix. They were baked in dariole moulds, lightly greased and lined with damp baking parchment and placed on a baking tray. I discovered just how important the tray is in this recipe when I saw the amount of toffee sauce that had bubbled out of the moulds and covered the tray. 

I didn't get to photograph one covered in toffee sauce because once they were served babies were passed my way for me to hold, so mummies could tuck in. I look forward to baking them again soon when I can test them myself and I'm sure Ian wouldn't turn his nose up at one either.

Thanks for reading.
With Love,

Gem xx


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