World's First Irish-Speaking Teddy Bear

So I was racking my brain, trying to come up with a good idea for my 'only' niece/goddaughter's 1st Birthday. She lives with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew in France, which sometimes feels like a million miles away - although it's not. My first idea, after wanting to make something, was to buy her something multi-cultural or anti-biased. I began the search on the internet for such books, toys and games. It was then I stumbled across (well clicked into) a website selling 'The World's First Irish Speaking Teddy Bear'. Perfect!! From experience there is nothing better than something Irish related, anything, when you are abroad. Even if Lucy (my niece/goddaughter) doesn't appreciate it, I know her wonderful Mummy will.

The brainchild behind this creation is Adrian Devane who owns and runs Bábóg Baby Ltd in Moycullen, Co.Galway, Ireland. The company began earlier this year and has already won 3 awards in the U.K

I ordered mine from http://www.babyzone.ie and paid €29.99 and €5.00 P&P within Ireland. It can also be bought directly from http://www.babogbaby.com for €35.99 incl. P&P within Ireland, €40.99 incl. P&P in Europe and €48.99 incl. P&P to the rest of the world. 

I placed the order late one Thursday afternoon and it arrived on my doorstep first thing Monday morning (no post at the weekend). It arrived in a large box with lots of protective stuffing. I reached inside and pulled out this adorable green and brown bear in a plastic bag with a handle and zip. 

I am not good on my measurements but I think he (to me the bear is a boy) is approximately the length of a ruler - so about 30cm, 12" or a foot. The bear comes with 2 AA batteries, already inserted. I must be honest and admit that I had to have a little play of him. He is soft and smooth with no shedding. The battery pack is well protected so you would hardly know there was one inside of him. He speaks 33 Irish words.

There are 3 patches on his chest- one that sets him to numbers, one to colours and the third to shapes and objects. When his ears, paws, tummy and feet are pressed he says the corresponding number/shape, colour. The voice is that of a small child - I think it is a girl. I found it very cute, whereas my husband thought it was slightly creepy. I think it suits the bear - either that voice or a soft, gruff voice. 

The bear comes with a lovely, colourful sheet outlining the instructions on how to use him on one side and the 33 words that are spoken on the other side. I'm guessing it is in case you can't understand what is said and also so the child can see the words written down. 

The bear is suitable for babies, toddlers and children (and adults of course). There are no loose or sharp parts on him and the quality is first class. As far as I know Bábóg Baby Bear also comes in 2 other languages - Welsh and English. 

I am so happy to have found this bear and if Ian and I are ever blessed with our own little sprogs, I will be purchasing more. Hats off to Mr. Devane!!

Thanks for reading.
With Love,

Gem xx 

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  1. Wohh just what I was searching for, thankyou for putting up. names for bears


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