What I Had for Dinner Yesterday

Sorry I am really busy lately, trying to get all of my assignments done and I have exams coming up. I'm finding it hard trying to put posts together so that's the reason for so many nail polish ones. I am not usually as obsessed with it as I have been lately. 

Here's a quick post of what I had for dinner last night. Trying to eat healthily midweek because when Ian comes home at weekends I just want to eat 'bad' food with him. So last night I roasted some courgette, onion and carrot. Then added them to some Tesco Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous. I baked a darn of salmon in lemon and put the whole thing together. I had some tomatoes and spinach on the side.

All in all the whole dish took half an hour and I got my ironing done while everything was roasting. Quick, simple and cheap. 

Any suggestions for healthy, quick dinners? I'm open to trying new things.

Thanks for dropping by.

With love,

Gem xx



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