Cosy Sunday

Last Sunday was cold and miserable, although it does look quite bright in these photos. Ian was working and I planned on doing some college assignments. After a couple of hours I noticed I wasn't concentrating so I decided to go into town and soak up some of the Christmas atmosphere. I usually avoid shopping on Sundays because I believe 6 shopping days is more than enough in any given week. I was brought up with Sundays being family days and it is a tradition I would like to keep. However this particular Sunday, my two family members who live near me, were busy. Actually busy spending time with each other. Hey! Now I'm insulted. Not really though. Anyway I went into town for a couple of hours - browsed clothes and books shops and longed for a cup of hot chocolate. Maybe next time. This is what I wore:

I try to wear boots whenever it rains so that the ends of my jeans don't get soaked. I wore these ankle boots from Penneys/Primark which I bought recently. They are a green/brown colour with a wooden sole -pretty comfortable I must say.

My jeans are also from Penneys/Primark and I have had them for a couple of years and they have kept their shape. The long (essential for me to cover my bum when wearing skinny jeans) black vest top is from Vero Moda and the orange satin top is from Wallis. The cardigan which makes me feel frumpy and mum-ish is from Awear and is about a year old. It is so cosy though and I thought it would look good with the orange top underneath. I wore my black Vero Moda coat with a leopard print scarf and a wooly hat when I went out. Overall I felt it was a perfect rainy, windy, dull Sunday outfit.

Sorry about the location of photos. I don't have a suitable place to take photos of my outfits and I am too embarrassed to ask someone to take them. At least this way I can cut my head out of them ; ).

Thanks for reading.

With Love,

Gem xx


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