First bit of Holiday Sparkle 2012

For some reason I have been obsessed with nail polish recently. Maybe it's because it is cheap, cheerful and always fits me. I picked this shade up in Boots. I think it cost around €6.50 (I really must start keeping my receipts). 

I LOVE anything sparkly and glittery so this was right up my alley. I bought it in shade No 337 Pink Silver Glitter. It goes on beautifully and only takes two coats. However it looks even prettier with three. Like all glitter nail polishes it feels weird taking it off. To me it's like nails on a blackboard and gives me goose bumps. 

The staying power was super and it didn't chip for three days (which for me is a long time). I didn't apply a top coat so I reckon it would last so much longer with one. Next time!

I'm going to try it over another shade soon because I think it would be gorgeous. 

I'm tempted to buy more shades so I may have another look in Boots soon. If anyone has any tips for growing and nourishing my nails, please let me know. Mine are in such poor condition and I'm trying to lay off painting them.

Thanks for reading.

With Love,

Gem xx


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