My Favourite Butter

Several years ago I went through a long and expensive phase of buying body butters. Somehow though my addiction subsided and I forgot about them completely. Recently Ian and I were in Sam Mc Cauley's pharmacy, when I spotted The Body Shop section. We spent ages smelling each body butter, trying to decide which one we liked best. Of the ones there (there isn't the biggest selection)  my favourite one is definitely the strawberry, with the mango coming a close second. Of course in true wonderful husband nature, days later a tub of the strawberry body butter appeared on my pillow. 

I had forgotten how much I love this product. I use it for those pesky dry areas - my elbows, knees and across my knuckles. Does anyone else get dry knuckles? Mine don't feel bad but it is somewhere I notice my fake tan gathering in so they must be a little bit dry. Whatever is left over on my hand I rub into my arms and then spend the rest of the day stealing moments to sniff myself. Not as creepy as it sounds. 
You get 200 ml of product for €18.95. Admittedly they are a bit pricey but a little goes a long way. I only use two finger tip fulls (if that makes any sense) and that does all my dry areas and leaves that little bit for my arms. 

The butter does soak into the skin quickly but sometimes I have noticed that if I get dressed immediately, I would feel a little bit sticky. However if I wait maybe 5-7 mins it has soaked in completely and just leaves smoothness and strawberry smells. 

I love the packaging because it is big and wide and really easy to get the lid back on. Sometimes tubs can be hard to close when your hand has product residue on it. For example Herbal Essences Intensive Mask tubs I find really hard to close but perhaps it's because my hands are wet as well as covered in product. Or maybe it's just me!! 

I'm so glad I got a present of this body butter and next time I'm in Cork, I am definitely going into The Body Shop to smell more scents because who knows I could be swayed. 

What is your favourite body butter?

Thanks for reading.
With Love,

Gem xx

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