Roast Chicken Dinner

So last night Ian and I attempted to cook our first roast chicken dinner. Sometimes we buy the pre-cooked chickens and make the trimmings ourselves but Ian wanted to cook it from fresh. I think we did pretty well except we forgot the stuffing. Ian made gravy from the juices and a stock pot but I forgot to take a picture.

I steamed broccoli and carrots and boiled up some leeks. Instead of roast potatoes I made duchess potatoes, which we had never tried before. They were so amazing - crispy on the outside and so smooth on the inside. Yum Yum!! 

We went for a long walk in the cold, evening air while the chicken roasted. So we were ravenous by the time everything was ready. I lit a few candles and we dined on our creation and enjoyed every  mouthful.

I had a couple of glasses of this beautifully light wine which went down a treat.
All in all it was the perfect winter night. I had food, wine and my wonderful husband at home.

Thanks for reading.
With Love,

Gem xx

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