Cardigans to Cover

Recently I bought my first pair of leggings. Well that's a bit of a lie, I have bought a few pairs before but they all looked awful on me. However I spotted a really thick pair in Penneys and actually like them. I realised that I didn't have many suitable cardigans in my wardrobe that cover my bottom, that I could wear with these new black leg huggers. 

So I picked up a couple of cardigans that would do the job.

I am obsessed with anything sparkly or glittery so I was thrilled when I came across this one in Awear. It only just about covers my derriere though but will do for now.

This pinky/nudey long cardigan with sliver specks of glitter thread, I bought  in Penneys. I absolutely adore it except for one thing - the smell. It is horrific. The smell of chemicals is so strong I'm scared to wash it and the smell not coming out. I think I'm going to return it because it is giving me a headache just being in the same room as it. I wonder if they all smell this bad. I'll check it out tomorrow.

Has anyone else had this problem with this cardigan? Thanks for stopping by.

With Love,

Gem xx

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