Incorporating Meat

I have hardly touched meat in over 8 years, mainly because I just don't like it. I didn't become a vegetarian because I didn't want to be more awkward than I already am when I go to other people's houses for dinner. Recently I decided to try including meat into my diet. I never chose to eat it at home before now. To be honest I do feel better after eating meat for the past two months, I almost feel more nourished and energised. I only eat it  maybe 2/3 times a week and usually only chicken or ham.

This is what I made last night - honey glazed chicken, spinach, tomatoes and a honey and mustard dressing. It was pretty tasty.

Unfortunately I got hungry a few hours afterwards so for supper I had bread, cheese, sun-blushed tomatoes and a lovely glass of wine.

I am definitely more open to the idea of eating meat and it makes meal times less limiting. 

Thanks for stopping by.

With love,

Gem xx

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