It's not the Holy Grail I Hoped it Would Be

This is my second tube of the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. It has different packaging than my old one and I'm not impressed. I just threw away the last tube and I forgot to take photos. Actually it was no longer a tube, I had cut it in half to scrape the last of the product out. The old tube had a screw on lid. Although this one makes more sense, I still prefer the old one as it seemed more high end. Both tubes are 50ml of product. The first tube lasted me almost 3 years. 

I thought I was finally coming to the end of it last Christmas so Ian bought me a replacement as part of my present. Then I got another 11 months out of it and only opened my new one last week. Amazing!! I think it is great value for money but not a super product. 

People in the beauty world seem to swear by it but I find it nothing more than a fancy lip balm and eyelash treatment. Yes - you heard me. Last thing at night I smother my lips and coat my eyelashes with this greasy substance. On occasion I use it on my dry elbows but I don't think it makes much difference to them.

To be honest I almost feel like this is a must have for me but I think it's only because it has become part of my nightly routine. Some people complain about the smell, that it's too medicated but I find it pleasant. Because it seems like a medicated product, it tries to convince me that it's benefiting me in some way but I really don't think it does. I do have a holy grail lip product when it comes to helping my lips but I will post about that someday. 

Perhaps I just need to find some better use for this orange oily lotion and then I might be convinced that it is a miracle. Any suggestions.

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