Soap and Glory - Sugar Crush

Soap and Glory's Sugar Scrub has been my favourite scent for months now. I sniff it every time I'm in the bathroom - well almost every time. It smells of exactly what it is - lime, brown sugar, almond oil and macadamia nuts. I read somewhere recently that they were adding more products to this line and knew I would be buying them. Unfortunately the Boots where I live is not the biggest store and so far they haven't stocked the body wash and body butter. However I was in Cork a couple of weeks ago with my mum and came across the new line. Initially I thought I would buy the body butter, that way I can smell it on my skin all day. Unfortunately I thought it smelt too much like actual butter. I am very sensitive to smells, hence why I find perfume shopping a huge challenge. So anyway I bought the body wash instead. Both the scrub and the wash are around €11.50 (?). I think that's a little pricey but only because I use lashings of the products just to be surrounded in this amazing scent.

Besides the smell these products are really good. The scrub is very exfoliating, as one may expect, but not too abrasive. It leaves my skin with a nice, moisturising layer of oil afterwards. The body wash foams up into a creaming consistency and I can smell it on my skin for at least a couple of hours. I highly recommended the scrub for both scent and ability and will definitely be repurchasing. Come on Soap and Glory 3 for 2 offer!!

The scrub comes in a standard tub with an easy to screw off lid while the body wash is in a pump bottle. This is great for me as I tend to use only a couple of pumps whereas if it was a squeezy bottle I usually tend to use too much.

You get 300ml/ 10.1 US Fl. Oz. in the scrub tub and 500ml/ 16.2 US Fl. Oz. in the body wash bottle. 

Even if you don't want to buy either product please just have a sniff if you ever come across them in a shop. Any recommendations on other Soap and Glory products or even perfumes (I think I like something light and fruity).

 Must go and smell some Sugar Crush now.

Thanks for stopping by again.

With love,

Gem xx


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