Test Driving Fake Nails

Hi Ladies, I hope I find you all well this Saturday evening. Just a quick little post to tell you about something I have been loving lately - Boots Perfect Finish Clear Nails. I bought these beauties before Christmas and can't remember for the life of me how much I paid for them. I have a figure of €8.90 in my head but in the UK they cost £8.50 so I am probably wrong. All I am sure of is that they are brilliant value. I wore them for the New Year's Eve wedding I attended because I knew my nails would not grow in time. I am so glad I made such a wise decision. I have worn them twice since and have been obsessed with them. You get 200 nails in the pack and a small bottle of glue, which can be purchased separately when you run out. It's around €3. 

Both times I lost a nail after approximately 15 hours but I felt it coming off. I keep the bottle of glue in my handbag so for me this is not a major problem. I removed the nails after 8 days just to give my nails a chance to breathe and get some natural light. To remove all you need  is an acetone nail polish remover and some patience. It's a really funny feeling soaking your nails - very cold feeling. 

Before putting them on I make sure my nails are clean of polish and grease (no lotions) and are dry. I measure each nail on top of my natural nails and lay the fake ones on the table in finger order. I then file the bottom and sides until I am happy with the fit of them. For me this is quite time consuming. I then glue the nails on and cut them to my desired length with my nails clippers, file and polish. I cut them so they look natural. That is my preference anyway but they can be keep quite long.

The things I love about these nails are:

1) - they prevent me from biting my real nails

2) - the polish never chips on them - probably because there are no ridges unlike on my real nails

3) - I don't scratch or cut anybody with these - my own nails are really thin and therefore are unbelievably sharp.

I don't and can't pick my spots or scabs when wearing these - sorry but I did warn you.

5) - they last for ages. I'm not sure how long exactly but definitely 8 days or more (if you apply enough glue).

6) - They are excellent value for money

7) - they come in a cute little clear suitcase shaped box

8) - you can buy the glue separately

Here is a picture of me wearing them on New Year's Eve with Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Navy Baby.

Let me know if you think they look super fake?
or if you have tried them and liked/disliked them.

Thanks for stopping by.

With Love,

Gem xx


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