A Benefit Gift Set

Hope you all had a lovely Easter and are not feeling too sick after all the delicious chocolate. This is just an 'ickle post about a gift set that my husband treated me to lately.

Ian surprised me with this Benefit set containing POREfessional and Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. I must say I love Benefit products, well the few that I own anyway - which is about 5! 

The packaging is just so cute, as Benefit packaging usually is. The products came in this adorable cardboard suitcase which I have been using to keep new items I intend to review on this blog. Handy. Inside there was lots of pink tissue paper that made the opening of it more exciting and special. 

Tiny amount of POREfessional Primer - that's all I need for my nose

Inside was a full size tube of POREfessional 22ml or 0.75 US fl. oz. and a gorgeous glass bottle of Triple Performing Facial Emulsion which is oil free and has SPF 15 in it, as well as four free samples of the emulsion. To be honest I haven't used the moisturiser yet as I have had problems with my skin the past few months and I am just getting it back to tip top condition; so I am too scared to try new products on my face. Oh the joys of being a blogger. 

However I have used the POREfessional  and I adore it. I got a free sample of it with Glamour magazine months ago and I fell in love. I have tried a few primers and have thought they were okay. But lately I have noticed foundation highlighting the massive pores on my nose and have been disgusted by it. None of my other primers seem to work in diminishing this problem. That is until I tried this one. It is definitely without doubt a HOLY GRAIL product for me. Amazing!!! I honestly don't announce that often or lightly. I can barely see my pores when I use this and I will certainly be repurchasing it. 

As it says on the tube, it is "oil-free, lightweight, translucent, silky". I couldn't agree more. Oh the silkiness. It does come out a skin colour colour but blends in perfectly. I'm not sure if it makes me foundation last longer, as I tend to only wear make-up on a night out which means I only have it on for  around 5/6 hours. I will test drive it though someday when I feel inspired to wear it all day. 

If you haven't tried it and like me you suffer from large pores I highly recommend you purchase a tube. 

Thanks for stopping by.

With Love,

Gem xx

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