Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Clinique Moisture Surge has been my Holy Grail skincare product this past Winter. I have been suffering from tight, dry skin especially on the bridge of my nose and the surrounding area. It is certainly at pricey little luxury at €43.50 but I LOVE it! I try not to use it every day because I don't know when I can ever splash out that much cash for it again (well maybe when I'm finished college and out earning some serious dough). Thankfully you only need the smallest amount.

You get 50 ml of product for your Euro.

This is only the second Clinique product that I own and it excites me to have it in my stash. The packaging is clean, fresh and as high end as you expect. The product comes in this beautiful glass jar with a heavy, silver screw off lid. I use a clean spatula to remove the product to avoid contaminating it with bacteria from my fingers (even though they are always clean when I use it). I do prefer a tube for skincare products but with sensible dispensing skills this one works just fine for me.

It is a pink oil-free gel. You honestly only need the smallest amount - perhaps a pea size for your entire face if even that much. Moisture surge is not a moisturiser but a gel to be used in conjunction with your own moisturiser. Clinique recommend using this also as a moisturising face mask but honestly it seems like a waste of product and I would never dream of washing this off - oh the waste!!

It soaks in to the skin within seconds and does not leave a residue or extra shine. For me it works instantly. My skin feels soft and plump and if used before applying make-up I fnd that my foundation goes on better. I still however have to use my Benefit POREfessional primer for the pores on my nose.

I honestly have very few products that are absolute HGs for me but hand on my heart I can say this is amazing and suits my skin perfectly. I have combination skin - oily t-zone and dry around my nose. 

Have you tried this and what did you think? I have read very mixed reviews but then again everyone has different skin types.

Thanks again for stopping by.

With Love,

Gem xx


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