Floozie Cupcake Kisses Lip Scrub

While in Debenhams not so long ago, I stumbled across a selection of reduced 'Floozie' beauty products. I have never used any of this range before. Although the products weren't full price, I wasn't willing to fork out for something I had heard nothing about; until I spotted this - Cupcake Kisses Lip Scrub. It was a mere €2.25 so I took the chance. Unfortunately I have not used a lip scrub before as I tend to chose a soft toothbrush to scrub away the dead cells, so I have nothing to compare it to.

 I absolutely love the packaging. The colours on the label are so uplifting and fresh. The product itself comes in a beautiful glass jar with a shiny silver lid and feels very high end. It contains 5g of sweet scrub which smells fruity, almost like strawberries. To use all you do is apply to lips, rub them together and wipe the excess away with a tissue. The scrub is basically petroleum jelly containing sugar crystals. Perhaps all lip scrubs are the same but I found this to be very greasy and produced minimal results. I think I will stick to my toothbrush and Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream for now to tend to my smoochers. 

Are there any lip scrubs you would recommend? I am very excited to try some more, seeing as this is not the one for me. 

Thanks for stopping by.

With love,

Gem xx


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