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Hi Ladies,
I was really fed up of my dark locks so when I was in Tesco at the weekend and saw Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover I almost wet myself (not really but I was excited). Over the past 3 years pesky little grey/white hairs have been starting to appear right at the front of my hairline. So the polite thing to do is to hide them under hair dye. Unfortunately these hairs grow at an alarming rate - every 7 days or so so I have been colouring my hair way too often. Perhaps every four or five weeks. Naughty Gem!!

Well I knew eventually it would catch up on me and it has. Not only is my hair super dry and damaged but since I have put in so many boxes of hair dye, my hair has turned crazily dark. So I splashed out the €11.49 and picked this product up. 

It contains no ammonia or bleach and you don't have to wait to put another colour in your hair after using it. You can do it straight away but they recommend using a Level 1 hair dye, one that lasts 6-8 washes. 

It comes with the same amount of bottles as any other hair dye and is used in the same way. Put on gloves, pour bottle A into bottle B, shake and distribute evenly. Of course you can mix it in a plastic bowl instead and use a hair colouring brush to paint it on your strands. It is also recommended that you do an allergy and hair strand test. Oops I didn't. 

Please read the instructions carefully and prepare for the very odd and unpleasant smell. More eggy than chemical.

This is the very dark colour build-up I was aiming to get rid of. I used a cut up bin bag as a  cape to protect my skin - they also explain how to make it in the instruction leaflet.

The developing time is either 30 or 60 mins depending on your hair needs. I allowed mine to cook for 60 mins under a stunning sheet of cling film (not provided).

Sixty minutes later I hopped into the shower and rinsed for 10 minutes. Make sure to set an alarm because several times I was positive the 10 minutes were up when they weren't. Then add in the contents of bottle C, lather, wait for 1 minute and rinse for 5 minutes. Add the remainder of bottle C, lather and rinse as if it were shampoo. Voilá - new hair!

I was very pleased with the result and cannot believe the difference in colour. It is quite orange and brassy at the moment but it will do for a few days. I can no longer get the strange smell off it so hopefully it is gone (smell from the hair remover, not from my old hair ; ) !!)

My hair was very dry and damaged before I started the whole process anyway. But I did find my hair to be more straw like afterwards but with some TLC I will hopefully rectify the situation. I did blow-dry it but will avoid hot tools for a few weeks. So now the big decision - what will I do with it next?

I think it's a great product and it has worked wonders for me. Saved me splashing out the €60 I did last year for basically the same treatment.

Thanks for stopping by.

With Love,

Gem xx


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