First Birthday Cake

My nephew turned one recently. To celebrate his birthday I baked this relatively easy (except for the icing) but time consuming birthday cake. It went down a treat with everyone at the party. I messed up the icing the first time I tried it but it tasted okay so I used it in between the layers. The second attempt was much more successful. I had a plan to decorate it much better but ran out of time so I improvised. 

I started by making just a regular sponge cake mixture - flour, eggs, butter, sugar and milk.

I added a small amount of food colouring.

Six colourful sponge cakes later I was finished what I thought was the hard part. Boy I was wrong.

I attempted a meringue buttercream icing which was extremely difficult for me to do. This is the second batch which turned out much better but I didn't have enough to ice the cake properly. At this stage I also ran out of ingredients and time.

My plan was to make different colour icing and pipe them around the top and bottom of the cake. However with no butter or sugar left I blobbed on the small amount of blue icing I had made, wrote a messy message and sprinkled on some hundreds and thousands. With 40 minutes before the party I wiped icing off my face and transported it to my Mummy's house. 

It looked impressive and I was proud of the six or so hours it took me to make. Baby didn't have any but all of his party-goers thoroughly enjoyed it.

Not sure if I will attempt it again at such a large scale but I will probably bake a more modest one soon. 

Thanks for stopping by.

With Love,

Gem xx

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