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I wouldn't normally post about the festive season so early but I have a gut feeling that these items will be gone by December so I thought I would give you a heads up. 

Now, I have my own little rule about Christmas shopping - not to buy anything until November begins. Before then it's just too early. That said, I did actually break my decade long rule this week. I was in Penneys, killing time before meeting a friend of mine, and wandered into the Christmas department - BIG mistake. I spotted some very cute home accessories and decorations. Knowing damn well that they would be sold out before the end of the month, I found myself in the queue for the tills with my arms full of with these beauties. Luckily I didn't have my card with me and only had €30 in my purse so I was limited to what I could buy. 

So here's what I got

2 x Red Reindeer (Stag) cushions - €6.00 each
1 x Hopsack Material Cushion - €4.00
Peg Card Holders - €2.00
Tartan PJ bottoms - €7.00
Dark Green Long Sleeve Top (to wear as PJ top) - €4.00

Look at how cute the card holders are. I should have taken off the cellophane before taking the picture. They also had Santa Claus ones. 

So that's my tiny 'rule breaking' Christmas haul. 
Just so you know they are now away in the attic with all of our other decorations, so at least I don't have them out on display.

Happy Halloween : )

Thanks for stopping by again.

With Love,

Gem xx

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