Loving River Island Jewellery

Lately I have been really excited about River Island's jewellery collection. It could be that I am stuck in a clothes rut and don't know what I like at the moment; therefore gravitating towards jewellery and accessories, or just that the pieces are so cute and reasonably priced and make it easier to dress up the plainest of outfits. Strangely enough I have also been drawn to the word 'LOVE' in recent months but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's because it is been over marketed and is appearing on everything - cushions, key rings, picture frames, jumpers and even stationery. Admittedly my soppy nature has made me buy into this craze, so here are the three pieces that landed in my shopping bag on a recent visit to River Island.

'Gold' bracelet with black string that helps to adjust the size - €5.00

'Gold' bracelet - €5.00

Bottom bracelet - delicate chain with a silver, gold and rose gold heart - €4.00

Have you bought anything lately with the word word 'love' on it or anything else cute like that? (Ian brought me home a cushion from Penneys with the word 'snug' on it which was so sweet of him). My, I am a sucker for words lately : )

Thanks again for stopping by,

With Love,

Gem xx


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