A Non-Scary Halloween Celebration 2013

Last weekend, Ian and I went to a belated Halloween party. I had no idea what I was going to go as but when I was told it was a 'Father Ted' themed night I instantly knew. Our friends put on a such a great night. There were holy statues and 'Father Ted' props displayed all around the house and everyone made such an effort. As expected there were lots of priests and of course a chocolate loving nun. Ian dressed up as Fr. Chewy Louie. He sported his mum's fawn jumper and basically his work uniform with a make shift 'dog collar'.

What a classic priest poise, makes me wonder if he missed his calling.

So on to my costume. I decided to go as a spider baby, mentioned by Dougal in the very first episode of 'Father Ted'. It was so easy to make and I had it finished within the hour. I bought a long sleeved black top from Penneys, a white towel and two pairs of black tights. I cut the legs off the tights and stuffed them with wadding, which I had from other craft projects. I then sewed each 'leg' onto the sides of the black top, two on either side. In order to make the 'legs' spread out when I lifted my arms, I sewed black wool from the elbow of my top onto the first leg and then sewed more wool from that leg onto the next. For the nappy I folded the towel into a long strip, put it between my legs and put a pair of boxer shorts over it. Following this, I cut the bottom corners of three white bin bags and used them as a disposable nappy. I tied a dummy around my neck and I was done.

For hair and make up - I scrapped my hair back as tight as I could, sprayed it with gel and hairspray and back combed the pony tail. On my eyes I wore a deep burgundy colour from one of my NYX palettes with lots of mascara. And that was my costume complete.

Did you go to any Halloween parties? What did you dress up as??

Thanks for stopping by.

With Love,

Gem xx



  1. This Blog was Awesome to Read . . .
    A Non-Scary Halloween Celebration 2013

    I Went as a Deffo-Scary Red Devil to the Hollywood Halloween Festival - up to 500,000 [1/2 a mil] people there !± I'd love to upload a Photo along with this thread ? nice one guys .. . . benny :D

    1. Hiya Benny, wow that sounds like an amazing party - definitely feel free to include a photo - I would LOVE to see it ...Gem xx


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