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I was so lucky to be gifted this beautiful Soap and Glory box set. I am a huge fan of their products and have been for many many years. 

I don't think anything will ever replace my favourite Soap and Glory scent - 'Sugar Crush' but 'Clean on Me' smells quite good. To me, it's the brand's typical scent. The shower gel itself is extremely moisturising, which is always a bonus. Not sure though if I would repurchase this.

 Now an honourable mention has to go to 'The Scrub of your Life'. Again nothing will replace my 'Sugar Crush Scrub' (because of the heavenly smell) but this is going to be my regular second exfoliator in my collection. Sometimes a girl needs two products that do the exact same thing!! This product is AMAZING!! It removes all the dead skin and in my case fake tan almost instantly, without irritating my skin. I don't need to rub too hard for it to work. The scent is similar to 'Clean on Me' which is okay but nothing to write home about - all I can say is that it's pleasant. However I do highly recommend this product for the good job it did and will definitely be repurchasing.

The set also came with miniature 'Hand Food', 'Heel Genius' and 'The Righteous Butter'.' Heel Genius' is their thick, moisturising foot lotion which I have bought several times over the years. It's blue in colour and smells slightly fruity with a hint of menthol. I always find it refreshing to put on at night during the summer, before bed. My feet certainly don't enjoy summer footwear so this product is a nice little treat for them. This miniature size will come in handy for traveling during the warmer months.

'Hand Food' is an absolutely brilliant hand cream. The scent is sweet but light. The cream soaks in really well but is still thick and very moisturising and nourishing. Again, a definite repurcahse.

'The Righteous Butter' is probably a product I won't be buying. It's does exactly what you would think it would but I find the smell quite sickly. That's just a personal thing though. The product itself is geared towards very dry skin. It is very hydrating and soaks into my skin nicely, without leaving that sticky feeling. There are just better things I would prefer to smell of - like The Body Shop's Strawberry Body Butter.

Last but by no means least, the set comes with this cute hair turban. This certainly has come in handy on several occasions. I tend to leave my hair wrapped in a towel for as long as I can. I do find that a normal towel sometimes comes loose and especially when I am bending over to pick something up, it slides off my head leaving me with a slap of wet hair in my face! This turban is easy to use and does the job perfectly. It is also good to wear in the bath even when my hair is dry, just to keep the humidity effects at bay. Love this!!

So that's my little opinion about some of the Soap and Glory skin pampering line. Let me know what you have tried and loved/not loved from the range.

Thanks for stopping by.

With Love,

Gem xx


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