Spend Some Penneys

Hi Guys,

The past couple of years I have been so obsessed with makeup that I have suddenly found myself in a clothing rut. I am also a victim of that female predicament of having a wardrobe full of garments but nothing to wear. So I decided to put my love affair with all things beauty to one side and focus on dressing my body for the warmer months. I popped into my local Penneys (or Primark to all my European ladies) and ended up leaving with the following items.

These beautifully high and oh so comfortable heels at the small price of €18!!

A large, teal statement necklace for a fiver.

This bright, fuscia pink workout top for only €6.00. 
(Apologies for the wrinkles, left everything in the bag for a few days)

These basic dark denim shorts, which I think were around €7 or €9 but definitely not €8.

A sleeveless, teal t-shirt in the softest of fabrics for ???? I'm just awful at keeping receipts. It was no more than €5.00.

A bralet for under the teal t-shirt and the following top. This gorgeous lace number was only €3.50!!

And finally, this incredibly luminous coral-orange top for €3.50.

So that my friends left me with my wages less €50 but seven new items for me to get excited about and wear this summer.

Have you bought anything lately that might inspire me?

Thanks for stopping by.

With Love,

Gem xx


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