A Confused One .......

 This is going to sound very shallow of me, but since moving to Germany, besides my friends and family, I have been really missing my beauty collection. I brought a few bits and pieces but not a lot, in my eyes at least. You know when you are feeling a bit low or having a bad day, it is  uplifting just doing a face mask, shaving your legs or putting on lipstick. I came here with a suitcase (okay, I came with two suitcases) that held my worldly belongings for the foreseeable future. I knew I wouldn't be able to afford new things unless Ian found work so everything in those suitcases had to do me for ......who knows how long. This all sounds a bit shallow, a very first world problem but for me it matters. I will admit it - I love makeup, I love clothes, I love accessories, I love shopping. These are all a part of what makes up who I am. A small part but a part none the less. 

Enough of this ramble and justification for it - I bought something! I am out working/studying for 45 hours a week and I just wanted a treat. May I present to you Essie's Lapiz of Luxury - a stunning cornflour, creamy blue polish. That's all I have to say about it right now. It has however given me that little boost I needed when my negativity about our German situation gets too much for me to handle.

 Essie - Lapiz of Luxury €7.95

I hope this post wasn't too hard going for you. It was a tad 'wearing my heart on my sleeve'. What was supposed to be a beauty blog post about a very pretty nail polish kind of traveled off in a different direction. Anyway my girlies I hope I find you well. Come say hi :)

Thanks again for stopping by.

With love,

Gem xx

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