Lily Pebbles' Brookies


YouTuber Lily Pebbles tempted our taste buds with these delicious baked treats during the run up to Christmas. She names them brookies as they are a hybrid between a brownie and a cookie - clever eh?!

When I travelled home to Ireland last month I whipped up a batch for all to enjoy. And boy did we ever! They were especially scrumptious served warm with a scoop of Hagen Dazs 'Salted Caramel' icecream. 

Here is the link to the recipe

Thank you Lily
Cocoa & Caster Sugar

Add Vegetable Oil & Vanilla

Mix Together

Add Eggs 

Add Flour, Salt & Baking Powder

Chill for 4 Hours

Shape &Roll in Icing Sugar

Bake for 10-12 Minutes

Allow to Cool

Enjoy!! Let me know if you make them.

Thanks again for stopping by.

With Love,

   gem xx





  1. I can definitely vouch for how yummy there were!! 😊

  2. Thanks Marion. I made more recently but with less sugar and they were even better. Haven' t been able to find that flavour Hagen Dazs here though : (

  3. Aww no, you'll just have to come home again soon to get some more!! ;)

  4. The kids have ordered these


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