A Room with a View

I loved the view from my old apartment so much. I appreciated it in all weathers. Who wouldn't want to look out over a sweeping river surrounded by trees and hills? Well probably someone who is terrified of water, that's who. Thankfully I am not one of those poor folk. 
Anyway I knew my old view was going to be one of the things I would miss while living in Germany. And it's true - I do.

That said, the view I woke up to this morning was not too shabby. Thank you sun and snow. I adore you both!!!

Tell me, does the view from your home excite you or make you feel down, or do you really care about what you look out onto? 

Sorry it's just a quick post but I had to record my last few days with snow : (

Thanks guys for stopping by.

With Love,

    gem xx


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