A Snowy Sunday in Garmisch

 I love snow but it has only been over the past month that I realised just how much. It makes me so happy and appreciative of life just looking at it. Like sunshine, snow just makes everything look so special. I will be sad when it melts but at least the summer is approaching. 

Last Sunday, Ian and I took a trip to Garmisch with the intention to go tobogganing. The latter didn't happen. Unfortunately we hadn't planned it out properly and finances and fear got in the way. Sure there is always next time. That said the day out was probably one of my favourite of all of our time in Germany. The alps looked stunning and the day was bright and sunny. We played around in the snow and walked for miles. We stopped at the foot of the ski jump for a gluhwein, okay actually two! On the way home we stopped in Pasing for a quick dinner in Vapiano. Hope you enjoyed the picture heavy post. 

Any recommendations for other snowy towns or villages in Bavaria please let me know. 

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With Love,

    gem xx



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