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So this little guy is my first purchase from Lush in over a year. I went in to buy Love Lettuce as I am finding my current face mask a bit too drying. However, I got slightly distracted and ended up in the body butter section. This snowy weather has caused my legs to turn a tad scaly - not a good look or feel when trying to baby dance. 


I am super attentive to the skin on my arms; I moisturise every day. That said I am a disaster when it comes to lotioning up those pins of mine. Firstly it can get quite messy and is time consuming, between rubbing it in and then waiting for it to dry. Then comes the worst part - the moisturiser ends up leaving white marks on my tights, almost like deodarant stains!! Urgh!


So when I saw this little disc of yellowness, I thought "sure why not give it a go". It cost me €9.50. I did also splash out for the tin because otherwise I would have to sacrifice one of my much used tupperware containers. It didn't fit into the tin though until after the first use - which was later that evening. 


The bar contains banana, oats and lavender. To be honest the only smell I notice is lavender. It is sort of medicinal; neither amazing nor offensive. I use my King of Skin after my shower. I run it down my legs, while they are still wet. At first you may think nothing rubs off but believe me it does. You can rinse it off then but because I do it so quickly I only put a small amount on, so I leave it to soak it. And soak in it does. It is not sticky or tacky but extremely moisturising. I shower in the morning and by evening I can still feel the difference. One of the best parts is that it doesn't leave that residue on my tights! Unfortunately, at the moment, my budget can't stretch to a repurchase so I have been limiting my use of the bar. If I use it once a week and use normal lotion on two other occasions but legs are usually presentable. I think that it is a really great product and if you can afford I highly recommend you give it a whirl. I believe you could probably get around twenty five or so uses out of the bar and you certainly wouldn't have to use it every day.


Look at my one now - not longer a King but definitely a prince. Let me know if you have tried it and what you think. Can't wait for Ian to start working so I can repurchase and discover more beauties from Lush.

Happy Wednesday.
Thanks again for stopping by.

With Love,

    gem xx


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