My Everyday Scent - Calvin Klein Eurphoria

Hello my pretty ladies,

I have always wanted to be one of those girls who has a massive perfume selection and smells amazing. However, due to my sensitive head, I find it difficult to sniff my way to the perfect perfume. So please any recommendations are most welcome!!!! Note - I like a fresh or citrus or floral or a masculine scent.

Recently I was browsing around Galeria and came across Calvin Klein Euphoria on offer for just €35 for 30ml so I gave it a whirl. The bottle is sleek and light. Great for traveling.It's silver with purple glass and a lovely solid cap. I would describe the perfume as woody but slightly fruity and floral smelling. It is deep and intense but yet not overpowering. It isn't sweet or sickly at all. I don't adore it but it's an ok scent for a workday. The bottle will be finished but it's certainly not a repurchase.

If you get a chance, please send me some suggestions - payday is just around the corner.

With Love,

Gem xx



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