Everyday Matters - July 2015

So here we are, entering into the second half of 2015. I hope this year has treated you kindly so far. For me, it has been pretty great, besides a hiccup or two (but I'm staying positive). So maybe not all of my dreams have been fulfilled yet, or my ideal career decided upon but life has been fairly sweet recently. I'm going to have a rethink towards the end of the year; for now I will enjoy weekends trips, sunshine, time with friends and colleagues who have their own paths to travel and just enjoy this beautiful Summer. 

Here is the diary theme for July : INSPIRE

This month focuses on inspiration. It reminds us to open our eyes to the inspiration we are offered daily, be it from others, nature, or even from within. Sometimes we are so blinkered and disconnected, trying to survive stressful jobs, illnesses, recessions, destructive relationships that we forget what actually inspires us. Inspiration drives our ambitions and life goals. It makes us more confidant and stronger and helps us to face our fears. 
This month, once a day, at the same time, just stop and write down something that you are doing right, something that makes you proud of yourself. Inspire yourself - be your own role model. Everyone has positive attributes and by recognising them, you will become inspired by yourself as well as others. 
Towards the end of July, try to inspire someone else. Offer that person some time to listen to their ideas, their dreams. Give them words of encouragement by identifying what they have to offer and how they can inspire others. 

Even if you think and feel negatively towards yourself, be sure there are people out there who love, support and are inspired by you. 

Happy July 

Thanks for stopping by,

With Love ,

 gem xx



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