Oiling up

Although I do miss certain brands from shops such as Boots Chemist, I am enjoying delving into new products from companies I know nothing or little about. One such brand is Alverde which is available from DM (Drogerie Markt). I have been doing a little bit of research and have been thrilled to discover that this brand use primarily organic and vegan ingredients in most of their products. They do everything from skincare, haircare to deodorant, dental care and makeup. It is a remarkably affordable range with the majority of their products costing under €5. You will definitely be seeing more from them from me.

For today though I will present to you my favourite product so far - these body and massage oils. I am on my fifth bottle and am really feeling the benefits. The fragrances I have used have been coconut oil, rose oil, arnica oil and the lemon and rosemary oil which is designed specifically for cellulite.

The cellulite oil costs €4.95 for 100ml while the other three oils cost just €3.95 for the same amount of product. Personally I think my favourite is rose followed by lemon and rosemary. After my night time shower I rub a pump of oil into each leg. I wait about 5-10 minutes before dressing. It does sink in really quickly but you must remember it is an oil so it's somewhat greasy - and it will mark fabric if it's too wet. The application alone is relaxing and the aroma soothing. I used the oil a few times on my arms but now I have some little bumps on my elbows which may be from it but I am unsure. I only use it on my legs and sometimes my lower back and bum because of my pesky stretch marks. At the beginning I also used it after my morning shower but as I am now experiencing a proper hot Summer, I don't want to use an oil and then go out in the sun. 

Generally I am happy with my body skin but my legs didn't look like they belonged to me. The skin was quite different in tone, texture and appearance to the rest of my body. Since using Alverde body oil my legs look and feel smoother, they are hydrated and the skin tone appears very even. It looks clear except for a few small thread veins. For the first time probably since my teens I am happy with my legs. Honestly I put it all down to this oil. 

Let me know if you have ever tried this oil or a similar one? Did you find it as good as I did? For me this is a HG product and will continue to buy it as long as I live near a DM.

Thanks for stopping by.

With Love,

gem xx



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