Ever Day Matters - August 2015

August focuses on refreshing your everyday living, rejuvenating yourself and recharging your batteries. We have reached late Summer and some of us are approaching holidays. It may be the case that you are feeling unmotivated, that you have lost your enthusiasm and  are in much need of the break from work/school. This is the time to reboot. It may just be a really good nights sleep, a different route to your destination, a change in routine or even just acting a little bit silly. Feeling refreshed feeds the spirit and soul and gives you that renewed passion and drive. During August find small ways each day of rejuvenating yourself such as - skipping down the hallway, spending some time among nature (for example taking a flower and really studying its details and beauty), getting a new hair cut, taking your favourite item of clothing which you save for special occasions and wear it on a random Tuesday, surround yourself with your most inspiring colour or spend some extra quality time with a person you love. By concentrating on a small act of refreshment you can feel invigorated, excited and and ready to go that bit further.

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