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I know, two food posts in a row. I think it must be the dark and cold evenings but lately I have been thinking primarily about food. I had a bit of a melt down about my weight to Ian last night. During the summer I went on a low carb diet. It was nothing drastic; I just cut out all breads, potatoes, rice, pasta etc and got my fill of carbs from fruit and vegetables. I had one cheat day a week and my body never felt so healthy. I was never bloated (except during my cheat day), had so much energy and my stomach began to flatten. However a 2 week holiday to Ireland/Spain set me right back and I have been enjoying all things white since. So I have been slowly creeping back up the scales. I decided to try to cut back again but not cut out. Balance is key. So may I present to you a glimpse in to our last nights dinner. 

We picked up this falafel mix from Tengelmann for less than €3, mixed it with water and lightly fried them in rapeseed oil until golden brown.

We served them with toasted pita bread (white carb), diced red onions and tomatoes, lettuce and homemade raita. The lazy, hungry chefs in us also jibbed out and bought a packet of microwaveable rice (look, we worked hard all day). 

The falafels were actually quite tasty and it has spurred Ian on to attempt homemade ones soon.

I am always on the hunt for nutritious, quick dinner ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Thanks for stopping by.

With Love,

gem xx

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  1. oh bring me home some of that mix at christmas please! you can wrap it and put it in Dams christmas stocking!!


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