Panier des Sens Firming Sea Fennel Hand Cream

I got a present of this beautifully luxurious hand cream recently and have fallen in love. It is so rich and thick but not at all greasy. As the weather changes, the dreaded dry skin has reared its ugly head so this has been used on a regular basis. It is from the French brand Panier des Sens,who do a whole range of hand creams, soaps, liquid soaps and body lotions. The scent I received as Sea Fennel, which smells herby, soapy and deep. Yes I know I am not the best at describing scents. It's not a fresh, fruity smell. It is certainly more of what I would describe as a granny scent but there is something comforting and pleasant about it. The cream itself is remarkable. A little goes a long way and it is incredibly nourishing. It retails for about €4.95 and when I find I stockist, I will pick up more scents.

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