Pregnancy Update - Week 22

How far along?  22 weeks today. Only 18 weeks left!! It is terrifying how quickly this pregnancy is going. The beginning was quite slow but once December came, the days are going by as quickly as hours do. I want to hit the pause button and savour this now.
Maternity clothes? Still not wearing any this week. When I wear my jeans,I still just wear a long Vero Moda over them and it covers everything. Ian finds it quite hilarious and keeps asking me to life it up to show him. I have also been wearing my stretchy C&A skater dress and a couple of days I wore yoga pants or leggings. I am definitely more limited in the clothes I wear. The bump I don’t mind being exposed but the squishy love handles not so much.
Sleep? Generally my sleep has been good this week. I have had to get up a few times a couple of nights but that’s because I am feeling pretty dehydrated in the evenings and end up drinking lots of water then. I did have one awful night’s sleep. From the moment I got into bed my body felt sore. It was the first and only time that when I lay on my side my actual bump hurt. I have had abdominal pain almost every morning when I wake up for the past 8 or so weeks. It’s nothing too painful - just feels muscular. But this night I was in pain the entire night. I ached from my ribs down to my hips. I got up a couple of times to walk around the bedroom which helped. I woke every 15 or so min and eventually at 6 am I couldn’t take anymore and got up. The pain went almost instantly and since then I have been fine. 
Best moment this week? Lying in bed one night, I took Ian’s hand and put it on my stomach. He said sadly, “Baby never moves anymore when I have my hand there.” With that baby kicked his hand at least four times in a row. He was so happy and sat up and started talking into my bump. It was so sweet. I love when he gets involved like that and baby reacts to him. I cannot wait to see him as a father. Baby doesn’t really kick as much as moves so when those four little kicks came so precisely, it was magical. 
Another moment that stood out this week but it wasn’t so good, was me letting the sex slip to our friend Jax while telling a really boring story about going to collect clothes from another lady and seeing her little baby. I obviously mentioned that the baby was a boy or girl and didn’t even notice. We were all really disappointed because next weekend we are having a mini gender reveal shindig. Obviously she was happy for us but it was such a pointless story and a preventable slip. Ah well.
Symptoms? Besides that one bad night’s sleep, leaking breasts, constant gas and having to pee and never feeling like I have fully emptied my bladder, I am getting a terrible sharp pain which comes every so often at the top of my left bum cheek. I’ll say it to the doctor next week when we see him. Ian and I also went for a really fast walk one day and I got a strong stitch really close to my right hip bone and it has been recurring during every brisk walk since. I am definitely getting out walking a lot more. I broke into a gentle jog the other day but it was actually quite painful so I stopped. (side note: I do not mean to sound like I am complaining because I am not but I just want to document every part of this wonderful pregnancy for myself, baby and you guys. I am enjoying every minute of it, well except that really bad night’s sleep).
Food cravings? No nothing special. I have cut down a little on my sugar intake. My appetite was still ravenous at the beginning of the week. I was actually getting really worried about it. If I continued having to eat every two hours I would be huge by June, no matter how healthy I eat. I have definitely put on more weight than recommended up until now. When I get my Mutterpass back next week I’ll let you know how much I have put on. Baby is also heavier than average. Boy, I hope I don’t have gestational  diabetes . Then from Wednesday on, my appetite has gone back to normal, that being probably bigger than most but much more controllable and bearable. I think the insatiable appetite was also due to the super cold weather we have been having because temperatures have gone up since Wednesday and I’m feeling normal again,
Food aversions? No, I don’t think there is anything I am off.
Gender? You’ll have to wait another couple of weeks but feel free to send me your guesses.
Movement? Baby is moving quite a bit but definitely want to feel more. It;s mainly at night, early morning or when I’m sitting at the computer. This morning when I woke and put my hands straight onto my stomach I could feel baby way up over my belly button for the first time. That felt strange because the little one loves being down near my bouncy bladder. 
Labour signs? No, thank goodness.
Bump? Bump is quite defined but can still be pretty squishy. Wish I had less body fat before I got pregnant but sure hey, at least I am healthy. My bump is obviously really big at night and has even started to look quite bump like in the mornings too. 
Belly button in or out? In but definitely changing in shape. I can’t describe it exactly but it’s opening more. I have very much an innie one that is very deep so it’s widening or something.
Wedding rings on or off? On and still feeling nice and loose but I think the colder weather helps.
Happy or Moody?I went through a sort of PMS spell over the weekend and I nagged Ian so darn much. I was bothering myself. Thankfully by Monday it has passed and an almost blissful marriage has now resumed.
Miss anything?The usual suspects - well more so wine than sparkling. We ate out twice this week and had Jax over for dinner and I missed my glass of red. I am also missing being able to run.
What I'm looking forward to? This week we are finally buying our sofa and wardrobe ( I think). Delivery time is 5 weeks so I won’t have comfort yet but ordering them checks another thing off our massive list. I also saw a secondhand crib in great condition which I will hopefully buy. They are not big on Moses baskets here in Munich but I need something transportable from our bedroom to the sitting room so I’m thinking a crib on wheels. We just have so much for buy for the apartment and our new addition. Maybe that’s why time is going so fast - I lose hours looking online for furniture. Note to self - get out more and live your life.

So that’s it for week 22. I hope you come back next week for more.
With love,

gem xx



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