New Year Equals New Adventures

First of all I must wish you a Happy New Year. I know we are over three weeks into 2016 but I have been cut off from the online world, while waiting for the ‘1und1' technician to come install internet in our new apartment. I hope you all had a relaxing and fun filled Christmas and that the new year has already been treating you well. 

So now onto the more exciting life update. Ian and I are finally becoming parents!!! We are due a little one June 4th 2016, which makes me 21 weeks pregnant.

I don’t know what caused it to happen (besides from the obvious) but I feel it could have been writing that post (read it here on her.ie and on my blog here) back in September. It was during that week we conceived. When I sat down to write the piece, I wasn’t planning on it to be the way it came out. In my mind, I wanted to express how much I would love to be a mother but also how accepting I am of my life anyway. I wanted to express how it important is was for me not to get sucked into feeling empty and unhappy. Although I was aware that I would always feel there was something missing in my life, I also knew that life can be wonderful and fulfilling in other ways too. There is so much pressure on women to be and want to be mothers but life is about travelling along different paths and just enjoying yourself and being truly grateful. Having fun isn’t just the obvious ways we think of - laughing with friends, parties, big family dinners, holidays, concerts and so on; having fun can be simple things like crawling into bed with a vanilla doughnut, a cup of tea and watching American Horror Story. It’s about living in the moment, awareness and mindfulness. Here I am again rambling, story of my life.

Everyone has different beliefs about why things happen and this pregnancy is no different. Some think God caused it, while others believe it was just the right time in our lives. But I believe it was biology and also by writing my feelings down, something was released in me. I completely trust in the mind having an enormous effect on the body and by getting something I didn't even know I felt out, it helped my body do it’s job properly. 

I sincerely want to thank everyone for their kind and personal responses, taking time out to contact me and to just share that part of life with other people. I was overwhelmed by you all. I am even more grateful that I can share this positive conclusion to my unexplained infertility. I am still in shock.

Thank you all for stopping by.

With love,

gem xx


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