Pregnancy Update - Week 20

How far along?  20 weeks (16th January 2016)
Maternity clothes? I am still not wearing any but it hurts to wear my jeans closed. It's more a feeling like there is a little water balloon inside and the jeans are uncomfortable pressing into it. I am wearing a lot of my tops I know I won't get to wear again for a while.
Sleep? My sleep is generally good except for Ian's late work nights. I don't go to sleep as early as I used to but I am not working so that explains why I don't need to be asleep by 23.00. I am definitely a lot more likely to pee during the night but not every night. When I wake my torso is really sore. I feel like my bump grows a lot overnight. I also feel close to having leg cramps at night when I stretch out but I am taking magnesium so that helps. 
Best moment this week? Finding out whether baby is a boy or girl!! We found out on Monday 11th January. Our doctor is 75% sure but will definitely know next time he scans in Feb. I am so glad we found out. It really makes it more special to me knowing. I understand everyone has their opinions but for me there will be so much excitement the day baby comes anyway that keeping the gender a surprise would just be part of that. That day I will be just so happy to have survived labour and to finally get to meet our child. Finding out last week was a special day in itself. It was still a surprise because I hadn't known for the 20 weeks previous what gender baby was. 
Symptoms? Since Tuesday January 5th I have been experiencing tingling breasts, sensitive nipples and leakage in my bra and during the night onto my bed. It is a very surreal experience and makes me feel like a mammal, but that's what I am. It's good preparation for feeling like a leaky cow in June. Also I have leaked down there when I sneeze or laugh - just sometimes. I am finding my kegels really difficult to do. I'll keep trying. Baby just loves playing on the bottom side of my uterus.
Food cravings? Everything!!! Well not cravings as such but this week my appetite has increased so much. I tend to have shreddies and lemon water for breakfast, some yogurt (a spoon or two) mid morning, a small roll and cheese or ham and salad for lunch, fruit for afternoon snack and a normal dinner such as mozzarella and tomato bruschetta or pasta. Then at night I have chocolate or crisps or cereal. 
Food aversions? No aversions but throughout my pregnancy I have had an odd relationship with milk. I enjoy it but I could get really bloated and feel sick for two/three hours after eating my cereal. It only happens every so often but for all of Nov and Dec it happened everytime so I cut it out back then. 
Gender? I will tell soon
Movement? I felt baby move properly on Sunday 3rd January. It was in the evening and I was lying on the floor in my mum's house and I could feel movement, way more than just flutters. The following Thursday baby moved again and hasn't stopped since. That Thursday 7th Jan baby gave me one big kick and then the rest of the movements felt like swoops. On Friday 8th I wore jeans and I could feel the baby moving so much. It was like somersaults were being practiced in my uterus. On Saturday 9th Ian and I were building our new Ikea drawers and finally Ian got to feel the baby move. It was so special having his hand on my stomach and feeling our unborn child move. That night Ian dreamt about the baby for the first time. 
Labour signs? No
Bump? Bump is very prominent when I lie down but I still don't look too pregnant, except at night after a day of eating. I had a really bad headache (not a migraine, thankfully only had one) on Friday 8th while I was in town. I had had enough so decided to go home and go back to bed for a while. I may as well when I still can. As I was walking back to our apartment I got this rush of excitement about getting back into bed with our baby. Obviously when I rest baby wakes,so when I get into bed baby starts moving. It is the most special physical feeling I have ever experienced. This is also the short time when I have baby all to myself. It's our time to be together and enjoy. I don't know who baby is yet but I love that little scrawny body and those all of those limbs. I rushed home so excited and just couldn't wait to have that time with baby. It was such a weird moment in a way but one I almost didn't want to end.
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody? so very, very happy
Miss anything? Same as always - wine and prosecco
What I'm looking forward to? Making cards to post to my family telling them what we are having. That's what the picture above is from.

Thank you again for stopping by on this journey.

With Love,
gem xx


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