Pregnancy Update Week 21

How far along? 21 weeks 
Maternity clothes? My uterus has definitely risen up to behind my belly button. I haven't any maternity clothes yet but I don't know how much longer I'll get out of my Winter coat (and there's snowon the ground!!). At the moment I am wearing my jeans with the button and zip open. I use a go-go (hair tie) if I am wearing looser fit jeans. I have lots of long vests from Vero Moda which I wear under all my tops and they cover my open zip. I am generally living in tights and dress that are stretchy. 
Sleep? I am sleeping very well. I don't need any naps during the day and I don't wake much during the night. Sometimes I will have to use the bathroom but only if I've had two hot drinks before bed. The only thing disturbing my night's sleep is Ian's late finishing times. 
Best moment this week? Definitely telling my family that we are having a son or daughter. We took a photo of the two of us holding up a blue and a pink sleepsuit and stuck it on the outside of a card, then we stuck a photo of us holding the actual sleepsuit we will be using. I posted a card to my brother in Australia,in Ireland, my sister in France and my mother. We Skyped them (except my Oz brother) and they opened the card and we got to see their reactions.We are keeping it to ourselves until my brother in Australia knows. Then we are having a little apartment warming and telling our 'German' friends.  

Food cravings? No, but I am hungry every two hours!! It's crazy. I am trying to eat healthily because I have put on a ton of weight already but I have such a sweet tooth and I'm home alone all evening - so I always have something naughty. 
Food aversions? I wish!

Symptoms? My hips hurt slightly when I sit for too long. My breasts are still leaking and my kegels are still very weak, as my underwear proves. I have to wear a bra while in my pyjamas because my nipples are super sensitive. But I still can't sleep with it on. 
Bump? My bump is well and truly there. 
Gender? Surprise for now
Labor signs? No

Movement?  Yes,I feel baby moving a lot. Especially at night or when I am sitting at the computer. I can feel baby pushing against the table. Baby kicked the other morning when I went back to bed for a cuddle with Ian and I screamed. I got such a fright, I had forgotten for a moment that there was a person inside of me. 
Belly button in or out? 
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or moody? Generally happy but over the past two days I have been feeling a little hormonal, similar to PMS.
What I miss? Wine and Prosecco
What I'm looking forward to? Collecting the baby clothes which I bought from a neighbour (for the first month). 

Thank you again for stopping by.
With Love,
 gem xx

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