A Son or a Daughter?

To tell my family baby's gender, we made a card with this photo on the front and inside was the last photo (down below). When the cards arrived in Ireland, France and Australia we skyped and watched the family find out if our future holds a little boy or girl.

For our friends who are here in Munich, we had a casual dinner party and I baked a cake with the corresponding colour inside. The excitement was too much and of course the cake was not photographed after the cutting. Apologies!!

However, with that said we are having a ............

Girl !!!!!!

We are so thrilled to know. I understand people have their different opinions about finding out the sex but for us it is right. It feels even more special knowing that there is a little girl. Ian is going to have a daughter and always asks 'how are my ladies/ girls'. We have had some good celebrations - our own, the day we found out, making the cards for my family, watching their reactions on Skype, having the gender reveal dinner party with friends, telling our colleagues etc. On the day she is born there will be so many fantastic emotions from just seeing her that for us it was better making so many special occasions out of telling others. 



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