Pregnancy Update - Week 23 (sorry it's late)

How far along?  23 weeks today (not today anymore. I didn't have my photographer to capture the bump as he was working so much so I am 23 weeks and 3 days) The time is absolutely flying.
Maternity clothes? I’m still not wearing clothes made specifically for pregnancy. I lived in dresses and skirts this week, all ones I had previous to my pregnancy. Tights are definitely uncomfortable. If I pull them up fully, they cut me off on my bump but when I wear them down low they (a) - fall down quicker or (b) give me a very unflattering muffin top. I am considering going to H&M today to look for maternity jeans. I still wear my Vero Moda ones open but with tighter tops, you can see that my pants are unfastened.
Sleep? My Sleep has been good this week. If I am in bed too long (it happens because we don’t have our sofa yet and sitting on the kitchen chairs all evening just isn’t comfortable so I climb into bed pretty early most nights) my hips ache a little during sleep. I am a majority of the night back sleeper so getting used to lying on my side is strange and challenging. I sometimes wedge a cushion behind my back so I’m sleeping half back/half side and that’s really comfortable. 
Best moment this week? It’s between two - On Tuesday evening Ian and I were lying down together and we actually saw my stomach move. It was surreal to say the least. I was delighted he was there too because I hate him missing out. Luckily he has been there for everything so far except the very first flutter at week 14. And the second been Ian surprising me with a home doppler. I had stumbled across them during my TTC journey but never even considered buying one. Firstly because so far I haven’t been the stressed out mum to be, we see our doctor every month so we hear the heartbeat then, secondly baby moves a lot and I’m just not worried and thirdly they are pricey enough and only last you for a few months. However when we started playing with it last night it was amazing. I could hear the ever strong heart beat and it was so soothing. Apparently you can even hear hiccuping. Ian is going to record it and compose a musical piece from baby’s sounds. And it will be lovely to have the heartbeat recorded for the future.
Purchases? I bought lots of little baby things such as changing and bathing products, the bath,one packet of nappies. I have a notebook with essentials and have been enjoying ticking off the little things, while putting off the big things. We also finally ordered our sofa, bought our wardrobe, baby’s drawers, blinds, bed for spare room, under the sink storage and lots of little bits in Ikea. Our nest is taking shape while our bank balances are deflating rapidly.
Symptoms? After the really fast walk last week, the bottom of my bump has been aching when I walk for longer than five minutes, not strolling but a normal paced walk. I have persisted as I think it’s muscular but will mention it at my next appointment. I still have incredibly leaky breasts and another intimate part of my body has most certainly changed this week - according to my research, it’s just the extra blood causing changes. My breasts are becoming quite veiny now and I had to go up a bra size around my ribs, not my cup - boo hoo!! Are my bones not big enough already?!
I also remember for the first 15 weeks of pregnancy being quite warm, similar to the heat I feel during my period. That seems to be gone, I just don’t feel as hot as I used to. 
I have had a bloody nose every morning this week but only for my first blow. I have been a little bit snotty in the morning too. 
Food cravings? No cravings as such but I have had a pretty bad food week. I am eating so many sweet treats. I have such little willpower so next week I’ll be so much better.
Food aversions? Nope
Gender? I’ll tell you next week
Movement? Baby is moving so much. The other night I could feel movement for over an hour before I went to sleep, anytime I woke during the night and still moving away when I woke in the morning. I am feeling more movements throughout the day. It’s really cute when Ian asks if baby is awake now or asleep. He gets so disappointed when baby is asleep.
Labour signs? No
Bump? It’s very definitely there. It’s nice and firm when I’m standing and walking but quite squishy still when I sit. It really changes depending where baby is. I still can’t get over the feeling of having a bump when I lie down. It still sort of shocks me when I feel this hard slope around my belly button. Speaking of, that’s really starting to change. The belly button hole is getting more open and spread and I keep putting my finger into it as I walk. What a weirdo - I know!!
Belly button in or out? in but opening a lot more (sorry I answered too soon. I have to write things down as soon as they pop into my head otherwise they are lost forever)
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody? So very happy but getting more and more sensitive to what people say.
Miss anything? The usual suspect - wine
What I'm looking forward to? Tonight we are telling some of our friends what sex baby is. We are having a dinner party and someone is going to cut the cake open to see whether it’s pink or blue inside. What do you think they will find???
Also on Monday we are going to see baby again and I am beyond excited.

That’s it from me for this week. I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.

With Love,

gem xx

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