Pregnancy Update - Week 24

How far along?  24 weeks (plus one day in photo)

Maternity clothes? I did go to H&M last week to try on maternity jeans because I was tired of constantly pulling up my non-maternity Vero Moda ones. I wasn’t sure I would like them because I had read so many bad reviews of the thick waisted jeans that are designed for those belly expanding months. Well when I pulled on a pair of bootcut ones and tucked my bump into the extremely high waist band, I felt like I was being hugged by everyone I love. “Uh oh, I am just going to have to buy them”, I thought, before trying on a pair of skinnies. So I left the shop with two pairs of mummy in the making pants in my regular size 12 and just €80 poorer. Well if they do me for the majority of my pregnancy that was money well spent. I did road test them on Friday and Saturday and although they are somewhat more comfortable than wearing open jeans they still slide down constantly while walking, moving, sitting and especially climbing stairs. I am feeling a little un-ladylike hoisting up my trousers but sure it’s only for another few months. I just need to get a couple of Spring tops that are comfortable and prevent me from continuously pulling and fixing myself. Other than those I have just been wearing stretchy jersey dresses, skirts, tops and cardigans.

Purchases? I bought those maternity jeans and a stripy top which I returned because it was too baggy. Baby-wise I actually don’t think I bought anything. 

Sleep? Sleep has been quite mixed this week. I am sleeping with a long pillow between my legs and sometimes a thin cushion under the bump.I am very comfortable but sleeping is difficult. I have one bad nights sleep and the next I have the best sleep ever. At the beginning of the week I was feeling tired from 11 until 13.00 but thankfully that seems to have passed. I think I have blocked out that memory of the few few weeks and how utterly exhausted I felt and getting that glimpse back into it was not welcome. 

Best moment this week? Seeing little bubs!! We had our scan on Monday morning to make sure all was progressing well and to verify the sex. Baby’s head is measuring a week ahead (thank you Ian!) but other than that everything is right on track, Baby was approximately 600g on Monday whereas mummy has put on almost 8kg (17/18lbs) and feeling every bit of it. We also saw baby on a 4D scan but was covering the little cute face with hand. Also telling our friends here in Munich what we are having was great fun. They all guessed correctly which was a pity but great fun all the same.

Symptoms? I spoke to our doctor about a few symptoms I have been having to ensure they are normal - such as leaking breasts this early, ligament pain when walking and (sorry) swollen genitals. He assured me that everything was fine. The genitals part is quite painful if I sit or stand for too long so I try to change positions often. I also have REALLY bad gas constantly but Ian still finds it hilarious, especially if I am stepping down off the footpath and a squeak comes out. At least he is entertained by it and not as repulsed, as I am. I haven't peed myself at all this week so that is a bonus. I can see linea nigra starting on my stomach. At the moment it’s just under my belly button.

Food cravings? No cravings but my every two hour appetite came back one day this week but the snow had returned so it was probably due to the cold weather. I gave up chocolate for Lent starting Wednesday and it feels good. Hopefully I can stop growing on my hips, bum and thighs for a while. I have been really enjoying Skyr as an after dinner sweet treat.

Food aversions? Milk has me really bloated and not feeling 100% when I have it with my cereal in the mornings. The bloating and queasiness lasts a couple of hours and is a tad uncomfortable. I tried using almond milk but it was way to sweet so I am now testing out mainly water with a splash of normal milk for colour and flavour and I believe it’s okay.
Movement? I wouldn’t say baby is moving a lot but definitely there. I always wake to movement first thing in the morning which is fantastic and of course at night I feel the squirms. It was so surreal feeling a movement on either side of my bump the other day. I cannot believe baby is that long!! I was sleeping the other morning and Ian was awake holding my bump. When I woke up he informed me, almost shocked, that baby was moving and I was just sleeping away. It was really adorable the way he said it. I replied” it’s okay for me to sleep when baby is awake. the little one is safe in there”. 
Labour signs? No thank goodness

Bump? I am very obviously pregnant now. Bump is quite low most of the time but now and again when baby is up high, bump follows.
Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody? Generally happy but a little crazy sometimes. Irrational I suppose but I generally feel it and burst out laughing at my behaviour. I was an awful nag Wed, Thurs and most of Friday but apologised for it on Saturday. Picking up after Ian constantly was really getting to me and I felt very resentful and taken for granted. That said he could do nothing right but that was my state of mind too, not just him. He promised he would help me out more. 

Miss anything? Wearing my normal clothes and feeling comfortable clothed and not just in pyjamas. Honestly though I am enjoying my growing body (most of the time)

What I'm looking forward to? We are visiting the hospital where I hope to give birth on Tuesday so having that checked off my list will be a relief. I am going home to Ireland for two weeks on Wednesday. I cannot believe that this will probably be my last time flying without a child. Goodbye sleeping plane journeys Ian!!

I think that’s all for this week. 

Thank you for stopping by to see how baby growing is progressing.
With Love,

gem xx


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