Pregnancy Update - Week 30

How far along?  30 weeks (and 4 days in photo)

Maternity clothes? Still living in skirts and tights but the tights are getting really uncomfortable. Also the weather is starting to get that bit warmer soon they may not even be an option. I’m dreading going bare legged because sometimes my skin gets quite blotchy towards the end of the day and I am definitely starting to swell. I wear my maternity jeans a lot too but when I do I feel very pregnant.My selection of tops is becoming limited too but I only have 9 and a half weeks left so I should be okay living in the same three or four. Ian was placing an online order with New look and picked me up this  cold shoulder maternity top

Purchases? This was certainly the week for purchases. When we get a big item checked off the list I feel relieved. That said it may be the smaller ones that are most important. Our Boba wrap arrived and Ian willingly tested it out and reported back. Don’t worry it’s not pink. That’s just the photo on the box.

Our nappy changing mat arrived and it fits on the Ikea Malm drawers perfectly. 

We also finally got our pram/buggy. We decided to buy secondhand because our needs might change over the next couple of years - maybe another baby, or we need a lighter frame because of U-bahn and bus travel, who knows. There is also a thousand choices of pram out there so my mind was swamped over the past few months. Eventually I chose a brand and worked from there. My chosen make was Teutonia, a German company with an excellent reputation. I knew I wanted a four wheel model and preferably one with a hard pram top for younger babies. We will probably be keeping the pram downstairs so if baby falls asleep when out and about at least I can unclip the pram top and carry it upstairs. After hours of online searching on Ebay (Munich) I found a Teutonia Mistral P 2011 for €190. We visited the couple, who were so helpful and friendly and made the deal then and there. I am telling you the world looks like a totally different place when you are pushing a pram, especially packed public transport! Well I had better get used to it.

TK Maxx opened it’s 97th German store this week in Munich and boy did I rush to it. I am tired of Ikea stuff and just wanted some unique pieces for our home. The store was jam packed and there was even a queue to get in. I certainly will not be going to the Primark opening next year!! So browsing was out of the question. I quickly ran upstairs to have a scan of homewares and baby and left with two lovely pram blankets. Another thing checked off the list!!

Sleep? Sleep this week has been good. I can’t complain. I still crave a nap either around 11am or mid afternoon but alas my body actually doesn’t give in. That said, our sofa finally arrived on Thursday so maybe afternoon naps may happen in the future. I cannot believe I lasted 3 months without a sofa. My night time sleep is fine. I still have to put a cushion under my bump and I spend the majority of the night on my left side. Whenever I turn onto my right baby moves around so much and the feeling of baby against the bed is a little unpleasant so I move back. 

Best moment this week?  I saw baby again on Monday but this time on my own, which felt weird. The doctor told me that fathers generally don’t get to come to many scans so as a couple we have been very lucky (Ian sort of decides his own hours in the office). Baby was having a good old nose pick or scratch which was very adorable. 
Also getting the pram was a great moment of relief for me. 

Symptoms?  Some of my symptoms this week have resembled those of the first trimester. I am feeling pretty tired again. Also my incredible sense of smell is back and public transport is not the most pleasant place to be. When baby moves around my bladder it is slightly sore, whereas before it only made me have to pee. I have been getting a few cramps similar to period pains. Honestly I had almost forgotten what those felt like. I am still getting Braxton Hicks contractions so my doctor is considering increasing my magnesium dosage to ease those. He also checked my cervix to make sure they hadn’t caused it to ‘ripen” but thankfully everything is normal. The worst symptom this week is itchiness of the skin and it is EVERYWHERE, well arms, tummy, back, sides, breasts, legs and bum cheeks. 

Food cravings? I ate quite badly this week. I sort of ate the same thing for lunch and dinner all week, except on the days we went out for something. I lived on either pita or a wrap with ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber, leaves and a tiny dollop of mayo. However each serving was accompanied by huge mountain of salted crisps! I also drank way more hot chocolate than ever this week because my GP advised that I give up black tea to help my heartbeat. 

Food aversions? No I don't think so

Movement? Yes, thankfully baby is very active, even during the day.

Labour signs?  Just Braxton Hicks

Bump? Huge, well not huge but definitely growing daily. Feeling big. 

Belly button in or out?  Still in

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody? Definitely less moody. I felt almost PMT like the last couple of weeks. I think Ian and I have both had a pretty easy time when it has come to my moods. I have been a very pleasant lady I feel. 

Miss anything? We had a farewell meal out on Thursday for our friend Jax at an Italian restaurant and you can well believe that those large, sparkling glasses of red wine looked so tempting amongst the candlelight and garlic and tomato aromas. So in short, yes red wine.
I still don’t mind the hangovers or that sluggish feeling after a glass or two.

What I'm looking forward to?  
Easter tomorrow. So we are taking a trip to K√∂nigsee, a beautiful lake amid the Alps. 
We have visitors coming at the end of next week (Ian’s brother and his wife). We haven’t seen them since my first trimester so it will be fun to catch up. Babywise - we are going for an information evening at our hospital and hopefully a tour of the delivery suites. I still can’t believe I have to give birth. I am terrified.

So that’s it for week 30 of my pregnancy. Only 10 more to go. Eek!!

Thank you for stopping by and reading about my progress.

With Love,

gem xx


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