Pregnancy Update - Week 25 and 26

Week 25
Maternity clothes? I am still just wearing skirts, dresses and maternity jeans with normal tops. I find my self pulling at my clothes a lot, fixing them etc. I did try on one maternity top in H&M the other day and it was quite comfortable but I am not ready for 100% maternity yet!

Purchases? I bought a cotton, lightweight blanket, another packet of muslin clothes and a cute Summer one piece, in case the weather is as hot as last year. I got them from the online Tesco shop but now they have ceased delivery to Ireland.

During my second week at home I bought three cardigans, vests for 0-3 and two packets for 3-6 months, another thin knitted blanket, scratch mittens, socks, thermometer and one packet of bibs. I have lots of muslin cloths now so I will use those for burping. I also knew I had a bag of baby clothes which I had been topping up since Ian and I starting our baby journey. I couldn't believe how much stuff I had. Well at least baby is kitted out for the first three months!  For me I bought some cheap string vests in Penneys (can be easily pulled downed for feeding), lots of pyjamas especially shorts, some loose tops and a new well structured bikini (I went up two dress sizes!!). I was thrilled to discover that Penneys now has a maternity section, well in the loungewear section anyway. I picked myself up a nursing nightdress and two nighttime nursing bras. 

Sleep? My sleep has been fine. I came home to Ireland on Wednesday night and am really benefiting for a regular sleeping pattern (sorry Ian). I can still get through the day without a nap but definitely feel a slump late morning and late afternoon but I resist, seeing as I sleep well at night.
My second week in Ireland was pure bliss. I was so busy during the day catching up with people so when ten o'clock rolled around I was delighted to get into bed. I slept so well every night from 11 until 7/7.30. I felt so rested and positive about life. I felt productive and motivated to continue my new routine upon returning to Munich. 

Week 26

Best moment this week? Coming back to Ireland for some TLC, company and getting out and about. My brother and Mum surprised me in the airport which was completely unexpected but very much appreciated. 
The best moment of my second week was probably when my nephew (3) was telling me about his baby brother but added "I didn't eat him like you ate your baby". It was hilarious and so unexpected and innocent. I also just had a really fantastic time at home. It was my last visit with it just being me. One evening, mum and I just sat talking on the sofa and she had her hand on my stomach the whole time and just felt baby move. It was really special - three generations. 

Symptoms? I still have a lot of round ligament pain when I walk but I can bear it if I just don't walk too fast. 
Before going back to Ireland my woman's doctor (obgyn) discovered I had an irregular heartbeat so he sent me to see my GP. I was monitored for 5 mins and then had to wear an ECG heart monitor for 24 hours and then when I return to Munich, come and talk to her about the results. I also had low iron so had to go on a course of iron tablets. 

Food cravings? I got to finally enjoy a Cadbury's mint crisp, which I had been looking forward to. I also ate a lot of brown bread which was amazing. 

Food aversions? I am still having the weirdness after milk, or perhaps it's just in the mornings. I definitely cut down on my milk intake when I was home but that's because brown scones and brown bread replaced my normal bowl of cereal. However some mornings I still felt the bloat and nausea.

Movement? I had the first bit of movement where I could see it through my stomach. It was fascinating but also a little bit creepy. I know it was my baby moving but it looked so alien like. I was so excited for Ian to see it. Baby was definitely moving so much more during my two week visit. I don't know was it because there was so much talking going on or maybe just because baby has gotten bigger. The little mite was moving so much from very early morning and it was so magical just lying in the big cosy bed feeling baby dance a jig.

Labour signs?  Nope

Bump? I could not believe how much bump grew during week 25 and 26!! I have become very obviously pregnant. Even the woman checking in my bag in Dublin Airport (Lufthansa) came out from behind the desk to lift my bag onto the belt. That was very much appreciated.It was the first time a stranger helped me. My mother had to ask the JJ Kavanagh bus driver to lift it for me which he did, however he didn't help me lift it off when we got to Dublin Airport. I know it probably isn't part of his job but is it not just common decency? 
Belly button in or out? In but really opening. I have a strange belly button because I had a procedure before where the surgeon went in through it so it still has dark holes from the stitches. 

Wedding rings on or off? On, my fingers are fine but I am noticing a little bit of swelling by the end of the day in my legs.

Happy or Moody? So incredibly happy. I had such an active but yet utterly relaxing two week holiday with my family and friends. I ate some delicious food, slept so well like I haven't in almost a year (since  Ian started working nights), got lots of things for the baby, saw so many of my friends and had a really special time with my family - mother, brother,sister in law, nephews and aunts and uncle. I loved every minute of it.

Miss anything? Red wine but not as often as I had been missing it. I also miss being able to put on my shoes easily. 
What I'm looking forward to? Seeing Ian's face when he witnesses baby's movements through my belly.

I hope you enjoyed this double week entry. Apologies for the tardiness.

With Love,
   gem xx


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