Pregnancy Update - Week 27

How far along?  27 weeks and 1 day (in photo)
Maternity clothes? Most definitely but just jeans (at the moment at least). I am still wearing my normal skirts as much as I can but my tights are starting to get uncomfortable. While they do go over my bump, minutes later they have fallen down and cut my off around my love handles, a very unflattering look I must say but sure hey!
Purchases? Since my return to Munich I have refrained from buying anything because I bought so much while in Ireland. Actually no I lie, I did buy another packet of nappies, baby massage oil, disposable breast pads (going to get washable bamboo ones but these will do for the hospital) and of course some lanolin nipple cream.
Sleep? So the beginning of my 27th week saw me being spoiled by my mother and getting undisturbed sleep. That said I could feel myself getting tired mid-afternoon but of course could not nap. The second half of the week I was back in Munich and with my irregular sleeper of a husband so all that dreamland happiness had become only a distant memory. Pity but it was sooo good while it lasted. 
Best moment this week?  My best moment was seeing Ian on Wednesday night and watching him as he struggled to hug me. He couldn’t believe how much bump had grown. He was mesmerised when he could see baby move through my stomach.
Symptoms? I can certainly feel the weight of the bump more as I lie in bed. I have a cushion under it for support which is great. I have also been quite sore down in my nether regions because of the amount of blood. Sometimes when standing or sitting for too long I can feel such pressure down there. My mum has taught me the benefits of putting my feet up. Boy I cannot wait until our sofa finally arrives and I can have another place to rest up. My veins in that area are also being affected by the extra weight and blood and I feel very aware of them especially when I pee. I also got really bad hang nails this week on almost all of my fingers. They were quite long, deep ones but have since repaired themselves. 
Food cravings? It's not so much a food craving as a food routine I'm craving. Mum and I woke at the same time every day, got up, laid the table and had tea and brown bread/scone with homemade marmalade. I am missing that. Note to self:  must make myself some brown bread this week. 
Food aversions?  No I don't think so
Movement? Baby is moving so much. Morning seems to be the most active, followed by evening and nighttime. 
Labour signs? Thank goodness -  no
Bump? Sizable - I am definitely finding simple things like bending down much more difficult. I dread when I drop something and have to bend over to pick it up and boy do I drop stuff (I am being quite clumsy). I never really considered the actual weight of the bump when I looked at other pregnant women. It's heavvyy! Normal tops are certainly not cutting it anymore as they hang out too far over the bump and I never know if my skin is actually covered. But I am loving the big, (sometimes) hard cocoon hanging out in front of me. 
Belly button in or out? Still in and getting uglier.
Wedding rings on or off? On but like I said last time I am noticing some leg swelling so maybe my fingers aren't far behind.
Happy or Moody? This week my hormones are playing havoc with me. I cried on Thursday and Saturday. I haven't had a good cry in such a long time so it was satisfying but I knew it was also my hormones as well as my husband being a bit of a J%*K. I am feeling a bit PMSy but I am very aware of it. Other than that I have been happy. 
Miss anything? Not so much this week. 
What I'm looking forward to? We are having a 3D 4D scan on Monday with our doctor and then again on Friday in another prenatal clinic. This is just a regular occurrence here and we are not complaining in the slightest. Cannot wait to see baby again.

Thanks for catching up with us.
With Love,

  gem xx

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